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"I have spent the last decade creating a way where you can have both your health and your life’s responsibilities (family, job, business) as priorities, not one or the other. 

I have built tactics that any high achieving woman can implement into their busy schedules.

You can achieve sustainable weight loss.

You can fit in all your clothes, confidently and comfortably.

You can have more energy and sleep better at night. 

You can still have your wine! 

You can have freedom from food." 

Online Performance & Wellness Group Coaching

As high achieving women we often think we can do it ALL on our own. Yet, we are not supposed to do it alone. 
I am here to tell you that the most pivotal moments in my health, mindset and body where I gained the most optimal and sustainable results is when...

I finally hired a coach. 

Chances are you are reading this because you have tried several diets, pills, programs and yet none have provided you with the sustainable results you desire. In your heart you know you can do better but there always seems to be some reason you can’t.

You feel as though you have tried everything.

You feel stuck and overwhelmed.

You feel like you do not have time to work on your health. 

You feel like you barely recognize your body after having kids.

You feel like you do not have the energy needed for each day. Business, work, kids…

You feel that as many times as you Google, talk to friends or search social media for the answer, you keep spinning your wheels and finding yourself back where you started.

I can tell you from personal experience…There is no secret “diet” that will provide the results you desire. You cannot buy it and magically be done. 

Yet there is ONE THING you can do to ensure results….

Teaming with a coach, who has not only walked in similar shoes but continues to do so on a daily basis, just like you.

I know this because when I started my health journey over 10 years ago, I tried EVERYTHING…

I tried diet after diet.

I tried over exercising and restricting my diet.

I tried everything I saw on social media or YouTube.

I tried buying all the diet programs that would teach me “the secret” that would finally provide the body I wanted. 

All the while, beating myself up and talking down to my body. 

However what I learned and experienced is that many of these “diets” or “methods” only provided a “all you have to do is this” or “only eat this” and none of them provided the why or took into consideration my personal time priorities such as my family or job responsibilities. 

It was not until I hired my first coach/mentor when everything changed. 




You see, when you learn from someone who has been in similar shoes and prevailed against all odds, is when you can take decades and turn them into days to achieve the same if not better results. 

Receiving real-time, consistent feedback, knowledge and tactics is what gave me the confidence I so desperately needed to once and for all move past my resistance and finally take control of my health and performance. 

Over the last decade, I have worked with numerous experts in fitness, nutrition, mindset, and time management to hone my skills to achieve my best self physically and mentally at 42. 

Over the last three years, I have been able to help my one-on-one clients achieve unimaginable results and now I want to help more women achieve the same sustainable results and lifestyle.

It's not only possible is easy!

Could you benefit from any of the following?

  • More Energy
  • ​Weight Loss
  • Peace & Freedom From Food
  • ​More confidence

And now as I continue to work with my one-on-one clients…

I have a burning desire to reach more people so they can achieve the same results. 


FourZeroFit FUEL

Inside this coaching group, I will be going LIVE every Thursday to teach you exactly HOW and WHAT to do to regain your health, body and lifestyle where you will never have to “diet” again! 

Plus, each week I will cover a new FUEL topic and will conclude with a Q & A discussion for all members!

I will be teaching exact methods, nutritional fundamentals, priority time management and mindset skills to keep the fat and diet-cycle away. You will learn how to FUEL your body!


F - Fitness

U - Unified Mindset

E - Efficient Eating

L - Lifestyle

This coaching group ISN’T FOR EVERYONE.

I am going to provide all members with the EXACT METHODS I used and continue to use. 

If you are one to take these methods and try to debunk them without any effort… this is not for you. 

If you cannot approach these methods with an open mind and willingness…this is not for you. 

If you are ready to finally get off the diet carousel…

If you are ready to slip on those favorite pair of jeans without dancing…

If you are ready to have more energy and confidence and not let your age limit your health…

If you are ready to put YOU as a priority without sacrificing time or other responsibilities…


Hear what others say about my coaching


"Balanced meals make you really feel good! I had one of the best leg day workouts of my life. And it's not like I'm depriving myself, I am just more aware of what will give me energy to lead my employees and business during the day and chase my kids after school. No more afternoon coffee needed.”


"I invested in myself (and will continue to) and hired Sheley. I learned so much about the foods I eat and how to nourish my body in a healthier way as I get older. Plus, I didn't have to give up my wine!"

Here is what you can expect from FourZeroFit FUEL:

You will get access to my MEMBERS ONLY Facebook Group where every Thursday at 4pm MST, I will be LIVE inside the group to teach you the exact methods, nutritional fundamentals, fitness strategies, and mindset skills to create a freedom from food lifestyle you can easily implement into your current family and business priorities. 

All members also have the ability to ask questions and receive immediate answers during each LIVE each week. 

Each week, I will focus on a new topic centered around FUEL
F - Fitness
U - Unified Mindset
E - Efficient Eating
L - Lifestyle

Don't worry there's more!

Each month, I will be inviting a special guest from my health network to join me during our LIVE training to share their specific expert knowledge, insight and experience with you.

You will also gain access to exclusive deals, tools and courses that will help you continue to strengthen and achieve your health. 

Lastly, with your active membership you will receive priority access to any in-person events, retreats or courses that come available. 

Before you think to click off this page, I am guessing you have tried countless other ‘diets” or “programs” which maybe produced some results.

But you immediately gained the weight back (or more) when your “diet” or “challenge” was over leaving you feeling even more deflated or depressed than before you started. 

I get it. I was there too after having 2 kids and traveling for work 60% of the time. I tried every diet on the market and I immediately gained the weight back plus some. 

Then I went to the extreme of fitness competitions which I am grateful for the experiences and knowledge gained yet I knew this weight loss process was not sustainable. (especially as a mom with a career)

This is why I have spent the last decade creating a way where you can have both your health and your life’s responsibilities (family, job, business) as priorities, not one or the other. 

I have simplified the last 10 years into actionable tactics that any high achieving woman can implement into their busy schedules.

You can achieve sustainable weight loss.

You can fit in all your clothes, confidently and comfortablely.

You can have more energy and sleep better at night. 

You can still have your wine, or tequila for me! 

You can have freedom from food. 

Now, my question to you is...

Are you ready to commit one hour per week towards your health and achieving sustainable results?

Let me share a little more about me:

I’m a wife and mother with an extensive professional background beginning in corporate America. I’m also a multipreneur, horsewoman, and of course, a health & performance coach. I tell you this so you know that I completely understand what it means to be a busy woman, mom, and wife in today’s high pressure world! 

In 2004, I had gotten engaged to the love of my life, we bought our first house, I had just secured a dream job in corporate America and everything was perfect. Until I woke up without sight in my left eye. I was 24 and the stress (even good stress) had exceeded the protection my body and health could uphold. This allowed a latent virus to damage the nerves in my left eye leaving it blind. 

At this point I had a choice to make: fall apart, letting self pity label me a victim or adapt and become a victor over my new disability pursuing my personal goals. Victim is not a part of my vocabulary. As your coach, I won’t let it be part of yours either. 

I spent sixteen years climbing the corporate ladder, and after having my second child, then spending 60% of my time traveling for work, my health began to deteriorate again… shocker, I know!
I didn’t want to choose between advancing my career, having a social life, or being a present mom and wife, so I embarked on a journey to have it all. I wanted the body, confidence, health, mentality, businesses, time, and family that I dreamed of yet everyone told me was impossible. Challenge accepted! 

Now at 42, I have it all! The best part is I have now simplified the last 10 years of trial, error and success into my coaching and have helped numerous women like me achieve the same. These women have achieved joy, peace, confidence and feeling amazing in their bodies in a fraction of the time it took me. 

As your coach and leader, I’m a no BS, high achiever who believes that if you understand the what and why, then the how is easily attainable. I’ll be your biggest supporter and will help you maximize your performance and find peace of mind through creating a health-centered lifestyle that works with your busy life.


Where are the weekly live coachings hosted? 
FourZeroFit FUEL will be hosted in a Private Facebook Group. There's no need to download another app, open a new software... you're already on Facebook anyways, so we're keeping it easy.

What if I can’t make the live calls?
FourZeroFit FUEL will be hosted in a Private Facebook Group. There's no need to download another app, open a new software... you're already on Facebook anyways, so we're keeping it easy.

After you've watched the recording, you can always ask questions in the group and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

How much is the membership? 
​​If you sign up today, you'll be grandfathered in at $97/month. This is the LOWEST price this group member’s will ever be offered. 

After July 27th at 11:59PM MST, the price will increase to $197/month.

Can I cancel the membership?
Yes! If you feel for any reason you're not receiving 100%+ the value you're paying, you can cancel at any time. No questions asked. 

If you would like to rejoin in the future it will be at the current rate offered. 

Do I have to buy special gym equipment or pre-made meals?
No special gym memberships or gym equipment are required to FUEL you body for success. 

No pre-made meals or foods are required for you to achieve success. I focus on whole foods anyone can purchase at their grocery store or restaurant. 

Do I have to attend each live call to get results and have success?
While I do believe attending the live coaching is best because it offers the ability to ask me questions, it is not required for success. 

I understand busy and unpredictable schedules which is why all coaching will be recorded and held online so you can refer to them as often as you need. 

Why a coaching group?
One of my philosophies is to always surround yourself with people who will support your goals. As you will find when you embark on your health journey some friends/family may not support your changes. That's okay because in FourZeroFit Fuel we are a group who will lift each other up and support each other. 

A coaching group allows me to help more people. Plus if you have a challenge or question, someone else near you most likely has the same one. 

What topics will be covered?
So so many to list yet the core 4 topics will be tied to FUEL:
F - Fitness
U - Unified Mindset
E - Efficient Eating (nutrition)
L - Lifestyle

I will cover one topic per week in depth yet there is significant overlap. Each topic is tied to specific actionable tactics you can incorporate easily and immediately for results. 

What if I do not have weight to lose but want to learn how to maintain a healthier lifestyle and gain more confidence?
High performers are always looking to improve, right?! That’s why I ABSOLUTELY encourage you to join FUEL to learn new skills and methods to incorporate. Health is not only about weight loss in ficat, I would argue that’s the smalled portion of being healthly.  

Many of my one-on-one clients want to focus on mindset and efficiently creating generational health within their families, not just lose weight. 

What if I have dietary restrictions?
Me too! After having my daughter, I realized gluten was causing excessive bloat and GI issues like constipation. FUEL is based on real, unprocessed foods and anyone can make swap outs based on their personal dietary needs and preferences. 

What if I do not have time to cook or know how to cook?
You definitely are not alone on this topic! Once you understand what and why you are eating to FUEL your body you will understand how easy and efficient it is to stay healthy without excessive time. 

I will show you how to build balanced meals regardless of your cooking expertise. 

Here are a few others 


"Basically, I was knocking on the door of 50, I have a desk job, my trainer moved, bought a Peleton, I use it sporadically, and have never had to be concerned about how I eat until now. I was overwhelmed with figuring out where to start! Sheley provided clear guidance how gain back my health while still aligning with my busy schedule."


“After the shutdown, I had put on 20 pounds which is originally why I hired Sheley. What I didn’t realize is the amount of confidence I had lost which was keeping me stagnant. Sheley not only helped me lose the weight but she really helped me find myself again.”


"I have tried so many diets I can't even count on both hands. Sheley has shown me how to eat without dieting. I've never felt so free especially when I am traveling or making dinners for the kids."


“Somedays I didn’t want to hear what Sheley said because it was a truth I wasn’t facing it but Sheley has such a strong yet subtle way of coaching without judgement which allowed me room to grow. It’s like she truly understands what I went through. She just gets it.”
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